About Me

Hi, I'm Shane! I want to make the world a better place by optimizing human performance, consequently improving quality of life. I believe technology is one of the most powerful tools we can leverage to improve people's mental and physical well-being, and I plan to discover actionable insights by gathering data and furthering the quantified-self movement.

I am a creative, organized, and dynamic person, and I have spent the past four years working at companies such as Intel and Digimarc. I love startups and other innovative endeavors, and I hope to use my experience as a developer to improve the lives of others by helping them fortify their mind and body.

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Two years ago, I injured myself while running. Since then, I have studied biomechanics and strength training in pursuit of optimal performance. Currently, I run with the USC Cross Country team as Captain, President, and Trainer, teaching my teammates running technique. I approach running through an understanding of physics and kinesiology, and I am excited for the road ahead.

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Please get in touch with me - I love meeting people and learning about cool projects or ideas!

Email: shane.mileham@gmail.com

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